About ESIC

Employees’ state Insurance Corporation of India, is a multidimensional social system tailored to provide socio-economic protection to worker population and immediate dependent or family covered under the scheme. Besides full medical care for self and dependents, that is admissible from day one of insurable employment, the insured persons are also entitled to a variety of case benefits in times of physical distress due to sickness, temporary or permanent disablement etc. resulting in loss of earning capacity, the confinement in respect of insured women, dependents of insured persons who die in industrial accidents or because of employment injury or occupational hazard are entitled to a monthly pension called the dependents benefit.

At an average the ESI Corporation makes 40 lac individual payments each year amounting to about Rs.300 crores through its wide spread network of branch Offices in the implemented areas. For availing cash benefit in different contingencies insured persons or their dependants have to complete some minimal formalities and follow certain set procedures. Therefore, to ensure smooth and straight flow of benefits, an attempt has been made in the following paragraphs about the procedure to be followed by the ESI beneficiaries for claiming the benefits as and when the need arises.